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Official: Vertigo (Quicksilver Clouds, 2004)

Henri Koivula was telling about shooting this video: "Vertigo was shot in abandoned alcohol asylum in the outskirts of Helsinki. The place has been put down, so it no longer exists. The idea to swim in the mud came from me. We got some buckets and filled them with mud from a small lake that was nearby the shooting location. It was very memorable experience, and a scene that was very successful visually. In hindsight, there are some things that are bit distracting, but considering that we used only one day for the shootings, the outcome is quite good".

Taken from a interview of Rockcor magazine, 2010

"In the Footsteps of our Ancestors" Jun 17, 2012

A true fiction documentary film about trip Finnish band Throes of Dawn in Caucasus.