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May 24, 2016



We are proud to announce new signing; the long running veterans of atmosphere and melancholy: THROES OF DAWN.
The band’s 6th album “OUR VOICES SHALL REMAIN” will be released through ARGONAUTA RECORDS on 20th of August 2016.

Founded in 1994, the Finnish Throes of Dawn has made a long musical journey. From the early years in melodic dark metal to the progressive and atmospheric post-metal of today.

With the highly acclaimed previous album “The Great Fleet of Echoes” (2010), the band combined different musical elements to create lush, progressive soundscapes, reaching further away from their dark metal past.

After few changes in the line-up, the band wanted to take things further and started to compose music with a new approach.

“We wanted to do things differently.” says Henri Koivula, one of the founding members of the band. “We wanted to follow intuition and see where the music takes us. We built these songs mostly together at the rehearsal place by doing a lot of experimentation and repetition. It was very exciting and rewarding to see how the songs evolved and formed.”

The new album, “Our Voices Shall Remain” consists of seven tracks, with a total running time of 67 minutes. The album is a clear highlight on their musical career, showing the band at it´s best. The songs are flowing, progressive and ethereal with long guitar leads, layered synths and clear production.

Henri says: “We are very proud of this album, it has taken many years to complete. At the same time we are also very relieved to finally share this music with the listeners.” When asked about the collaboration with ARGONAUTA records, Henri replies: “We are very fortunate that we found Gero and ARGONAUTA Records, everything has gone smoothly right from the start. Gero knows his stuff, and what this music is all about. We look forward to the future collaboration with ARGONAUTA records.”