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Oct 9, 2019

Throes of Dawn - 1994 - With the Northern Wind (Full Demo)

On October 19, Ääniwalli TOD will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the  band with a special show with guests. One of the surprises on this evening will be the addition to the setlist some songs from the first demo tape of the band. However, they also thought about those fans who not be able to attend this show, and published a link to the video with this historical record on Facebook, accompanying it with the following message:

"Sometimes it´s good to look back and reflect upon the past. 25 years ago we made our first recording with this band. Although we were very young and it was just a crappy low budget demo tape, it meant a lot to us back then.

In less than two weeks, on 19th of October at Ääniwalli, we are going to celebrate the band´s 25 years journey with a special show. It will consist of material ranging from this first demo tape all the way to the new unreleased material we have made for the upcoming album. I hope to see many of our fans there, it will be a great and unique opportunity to hear all the old TOD “classics” and have a glimpse on the upcoming material."

00:00 1. Autumn Winds

06:47 2. Outburning Sun

12:28 3. Silent Throes